A federated and curated metadata registry of agri-food datasets and data services

agINFRA Science Gateway: Workflow gateway

This is the Wrokflow gateway where many agINFRA workflow engines are hosted. Developers with the required permissions can develop and use new workflows. WS-PGRADE portal is the second generation P-GRADE portal that introduces many advanced features both at the workflow and architecture level. On the workflow level it extends the workflow concept of P-GRADE with new features.Architecturally, it now explicitly distinguishes between two different types of user communities: application developers and end-users. Through a dedicated view, the application developers have access to all the advanced workflow features (graph, abstract workflow, template, application and project) to develop new workflow applications.

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Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems at MTA SZTAKI, Hungary
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agINFRA The RING is part of the agINFRA project EC 7th framework program INFRA-2011-1.2.2 - Grant agr. no: 283770