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Barley by area, production and humidity


This table includes the areas, productions and humidity of Winter barley sown before or during winter and Spring barley sown in the spring. Cereal grains harvested just before maturity are also included in this table. Cereals harvested green or yellow as whole plant for fodder or renewable energy use are not included in this table.

This indicator uses the concepts of "area under cultivation", "harvested production" and "humidity". 1) The "area under cultivation" corresponds: • before the harvest, to the sown area; • after the harvest, to the sown area excluding the non-harvested area (e.g. area ruined by natural disasters, area not harvested for economic reasons, etc.) 2) The "harvested production" corresponds to the production for which harvesting started in year N, even thought harvesting may finish in year N+1. So N is the reference year for data published by Eurostat. 3) In order to facilitate the comparisons of production between the Members States, the publication of "humidity" for each country is needed. Only the EU-aggregate for the production is published with a standard EU humidity.

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