Hoja de ruta para nodos y puertas de entrada a la información (RING) para la investigación agraria para el desarrollo

Instructions for registering a service in the RING

After logging in, you can go directly HERE to register a new service

Before registering a new service, please check if the service has already been registered HERE (simple search) or HERE (advanced search)

What to register in the RING

We consider a 'service' any platform that provides information services from one server instance (website, mail server, web services, XML archive...) to any client (browsers, email clients, news readers...).
Examples are search engines, databases, repositories, Open Archives, RSS feeds, XML files,  RDF stores...

Who can register services in the RING

Anybody can register new services in the RING, provided that they know the necessary technical information about the service and they are responsible for the service or authorized by a responsible person. User registration is required in order to trace the source of information and allow users to edit their submission in the future.

1. Create an account here
2. Follow the instructions in the confirmation email that you will receive
3. Once logged in, a new menu will appear on the left: 'Member area'

How to register an information service

1. Click on 'Add a service' in the 'Member area' menu on the left.

2. Start filling in the mandatory information in the form.

The form consists in a main screen for title and description and a few 'tabs' at the bottom on the left: the tabs group the form fields in different sections in order to make the registration process easier.

Only a few fields are mandatory, however please fill in as many as possible in order to make your service easily searchable in the directory.

Mandatory fields:
- name and description;
- fields in the 'Basic information' tab;
- fields in the 'Geographic scope' tab.

3. Possibly, also fill:
- the Location field at the beginning: this will make your service appear on the map in the homepage;
- fields in the 'Thematic coverage' tab.

4. Either at the moment of registration or at a later time, please also fill the rest of the fields: the more information you provide, the easier it will be for other users to find your service.

Before filling in the sections on Standards and Instructions, please consider that you may need the assistance of the technical staff responsible for the service.

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