Hoja de ruta para nodos y puertas de entrada a la información (RING) para la investigación agraria para el desarrollo

UA Campus Repository

The University of Arizona Campus Repository is an institutional repository that facilitates access to the research, creative works, publications and teaching materials of the University by collecting, sharing and archiving content selected and deposited by faculty, researchers, staff and affiliated contributors.
The repository collection includes both current and historical materials from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, including research documents from the Experiment Station, current Extension publications, and current and historical crop Production Reports. Other collections of relevance include documents from the Office of Arid Lands Studies and the Water Resources Research Center. The collection also includes more than 20,000 theses and dissertations produced at the University of Arizona, many on agricultural topics.
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Estados Unidos de América
agINFRA The RING is part of the agINFRA project EC 7th framework program INFRA-2011-1.2.2 - Grant agr. no: 283770