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Civil Partnerships


Number of civil partnership ceremonies by place of formation.

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 came into force on 5 December 2005 in the UK, the first day couples could give notice of their intention to form a civil partnership. The first day that couples could normally form a partnership was 19 December 2005 in Northern Ireland, 20 December 2005 in Scotland and 21 December 2005 in England and Wales (18 civil partnerships were formed under special arrangements before these dates. These are included in the figures. All were in England and Wales). The Act enables same-sex couples aged 16 and over to obtain legal recognition of their relationship. Figures are based on country of formation and not country of residence. These relate only to civil partnerships taking place in the constituent countries of the UK. They do not include civil partnerships of UK residents taking place abroad, but do include non UK residents who form a partnership in the UK. Figures for England and Wales are based on date of formation. Figures for Scotland and Northern Ireland are based on date of registration.

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