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Average House Prices, Ward, LSOA, MSOA


Mean and median property prices from all price paid data published on Land Registry website. Number of property sales also included.
Number of Census 2011 dwellings has been included for context. The Census dwellings figure takes no account of tenure of dwellings in an area ie the actual housing stock that could be sold.

Data for all years from 1995-2014.
LSOA and MSOA 2011 boundaries and codes used. (Lower and Middle Super Output Areas).
2014 ward boundaries only affect three boroughs in which wards changed in 2014 - Hackney, Tower Hamlets, and Kensington and Chelsea. All other ward boundaries in London remain unchanged.
Postcode Districts and sectors - postcode districts with fewer than ten sales in the last three years have been excluded, postcode sectors with fewer than an average of five sales in the last three years have been excluded.
Postcode data converted into boundary codes using GIS Entries in the land registry database marked with a 'D' have been removed from calculations. No other entries have been removed. Entries without a postcode have been excluded from the calculations at ward, MSOA and LSOA level - though are left in at local authority level.
This data has been calculated directly from Land Registry files and figures at borough level will not match official published figures for house prices. Borough figures are provided here for comparison purposes.
Caution should be used when analysing figures based on a low number of sales, particularly in the LSOA dataset.
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