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Classified Area Under Land Use Statistics (LUS)


The data refers to the statistics of land utilization constitute one of the important items required for planning and development of policy formulation in agriculture.

The Directorate of Economics and Statistics in the Ministry of Agriculture has been collection data on the nine fold classification of land, irrigated area (source wise and crop wise) and total area under crops from States and union territories in the country. A web based application can be viewed at http://lus.dacnet.nic.in with four modules: Land Use Classifications, Source wise Irrigation, Crop wise Irrigation and Area under Crops. This application is being used to collect data on how the geographical land is being used under different classifications including irrigated area of different water sources, crop wise irrigated and un-irrigated area. The data is being used for study and analysis of land-use pattern, crop diversifications, impact of the different on-going schemes on irrigation and crops, and for formulation of new schemes. Additionally it also facilitates study of Land Use Pattern, Percentage of Irrigation Availability for each crop and District Wise un-irrigated Crop Production. Various analytical reports include: Source Wise Irrigation, Percentage Availability of water from different sources for crop production and State wise including Time Series Report for Land Use Classification.

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