A federated and curated metadata registry of agri-food datasets and data services

GFAR document repository

The GFAR document repository is a database of GFAR publications with access to the full-text digital document.

The repository is the result of collaboration between the Global Forum’s Secretariat and the former FAO’s Library and Documentation Systems Division (WAICENT), who provided a customized version of their Electronic Information Management System (EIMS).

The interactive search portal is at http://www.egfar.org/news-and-publications/publications/search-publications. Records are retrieved from the EIMS XML output.


  • Metadata records are managed following information management standards (i.e. qualified Dublin Core) and terminology standards (i.e. AGROVOC).
  • Electronic documents are saved and preserved in a file server
  • The repository can be browsed on the web interface or retrieved / queried remotely via RESTful interfaces (XML output from AGRIS or RSS feed from the EGFAR website).
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