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In this report, the economic rates of return have been reviewed and recalculated for the projects that were concluded or that registered a considerable level of progress as of July 2010.

For purposes of facilitating the methodological development and obtaining valid conclusions, the following was taken into consideration:

- For purposes of the analysis, the 15 projects have been classified in three types: i) Irrigation (10 projects); ii) Value Added-Microbusinesses (1); and iii) Research and technology (4), which includes the OIRSA-MOSCAMED project.

- Due to the different level of advancement of the projects being implemented, the re-calculation of the ERR for the irrigation projects is based on the three projects that had ended their first implementation phase or were very close to completing it by July 2010. This first phase represents the ending of the works to be executed with the project and the beneficiaries' incorporation. In the projects in which the total number of predicted beneficiaries had not yet been reached, the number of beneficiaries that had been actually reached as of the time of this analysis was taken into account, and future incorporations were assumed until attaining the expected goal by year 3 of the project's implementation, approximately.

- The value-added project type is represented by a single project, which is carried out by EAP-Zamorano and that was concluded in July 2010. Consequently, the evaluation is based on this single project.

- Regarding the research projects, since the progress for projects of this type as of July 2010 covered mainly the laboratories' set-up activities and the creation of the biological items and basic genetic material required in the project the ERRs were calculated maintaining the assumption and goals originally proposed by the project designers, adjusting only the start-up times for the beneficiaries' incorporation. These projects should be evaluated once they have registered further progress on meeting surface-area and number of incorporated producers or beneficiaries goals.

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