A federated and curated metadata registry of agri-food datasets and data services

Indexing criteria

One of the most important criteria against which the RING indexes information services is the data standards with which they are compliant.

The standards considered so far refer to:

  • schema: description vocabularies: data / metadata schemas, RDF vocabularies, ontologies (Dublin Core, Darwin Core, Agris AP, Ag-Event AP, FoaF...)
  • knowledge organization system (KOS) / indexing scheme: controlled vocabularies and encoding schemes (classifications, thesauri, authority files, subject headings, controlled lists, taxonomies...)
  • format / syntax / notation: XML, RDF N3, CSV... 
  • architecture / technology: OAI-PMH, RSS, SRW/SRU, SOAP, XML-RPC...

Schemas and KOS

As far as schemas and subject vocabularies / knowledge organization systems (KOS) are concerned, the data standards that are covered by the RING are harvested directly from the GODAN Action VEST Registry. If you notice that a relevant schema or subject vocabulary is not present, please go to the VEST Registry, register / log in.and add the missing data standard.

Technologies and formats

For formats / notations, we tried to use as much as possible existing standard lists like the IANA Media Types and the W3C Formats list.

The lists of terms indicating technologies and protocols are made of free tags selected by the users who submitted the services.
An initial set of keywords was provided and users have been invited to exploit the auto-complete functionality in order to use existing terms whenever possible and avoid duplicates.

These lists will be perodically revised and similar terms will be merged.



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