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Agri-Food Experiment Ontology

The Agri-Food Experiment Ontology (AFEO), a new ontology network was developed based on two existing ontology resources, i.e., OAE (Ontology for Agriculture Experiment) and OFPE (Ontology for Food Processing Experiment). It contains 136 concepts which cover various viticultural practices, and winemaking products and operations. AFEO was used to guide the data integration of two different data sources, i.e., viticulture experimental data stored in a relational database and winemaking experimental data stored in Microsoft Excel files. Two potential uses by researchers of viticulture-winemaking integrated data using AFEO have been shown. The first one is about wine traceability and the second one is related to the influence of grape varieties, irrigation practices, and different winemaking methods on GSH concentration in wine. Those examples show that data integration guided by an ontology network can provide researchers with the information necessary to address extended research questions by viticulture and winemaking processes.

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