A federated and curated metadata registry of agri-food datasets and data services


Owner / responsible body: 
Kuratorium für Technik und Bauwesen in der Landwirtschaft e. V. (KTBL)

agroXML is an XML dialect for representing and describing farm work. It provides elements and XML data types for representing data on work processes on the farm including accompanying operating supplies like fertilizers, pesticides, crops and the like. It can be used within farm management information systems as a file format for documentation purposes but also within web services and interfaces between the farm and external stakeholders as a means to exchange data in a structured, standardized and easy to use way.

It covers topics relevant to on farm activity including “crop”, “cropSpecies”, “chemical substance”, “harvestDate”, “enginePower”.


It is defined using W3C's XML Schema and RDF . It’s purpose is for:

● exchange between on-farm systems and external stakeholders

● high level documentation of farming processes

● data integration between different agricultural production branches

● semantic integration between different standards and vocabularies

● a means for standardized provision of data on operating supplies

There exists an XML version and an RDF version.

URI: http://ring.ciard.net/node/20052    Basic RDF
agINFRA The RING is part of the agINFRA project EC 7th framework program INFRA-2011-1.2.2 - Grant agr. no: 283770