A federated and curated metadata registry of agri-food datasets and data services

Library of Antonin Svehla

Unique in the Czech Republic, the third greatest agricultural library all over the world concerning its significance and the extent of the collection, information sources such as 1.1 mil. of publications, created databases, and the extensiveness of provided services for the area of agricultural and food sector and the related fields.
Access point to the complex series of specialised and branch information, publications and databases available online via internet. Deposit FAO library for the Czech Republic. National centre of the International Information System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology (AGRIS FAO) database -http://agris.fao.org/. Cooperation with Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations on the AGROVOC thesaurus updating of Czech version (AGROVOC is the world’s most comprehensive multilingual agricultural vocabulary). Contributor to the international food bibliography FSTA – Food Science and Technology Abstract is the world’s leading database of information on food science, food technology and nutrition provided by IFIS - International Food Information Service.  
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Mrs. Dana Nehasilova
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Czech Republic
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