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Marine animal sighting and census data from aircraft and other platforms as part of the Outer Continental Shelf Environmental Assessment Program (OCSEAP) from 12 May 1975 to 22 August 1975 (NODC Accession 7601354)

Marine animal sighting and census data were collected from aircraft and other platforms from 12 May 1975 to 22 August 1975. Data were collected by the Institute of Arctic Biology (IAB) as part of Outer Continental Shelf Environmental Assessment Program (OCSEAP).

Data were processed by NODC to the NODC standard F127 Marine Animal and Census format. Full format description is available from NODC at www.nodc.noaa.gov/General/NODC-Archive/f127.html. An analog file for this accession is available from NODC user services.

The F127 format is used for data from field observations of marine animals. Data may be reported either for individual, random sightings or for sightings made as part of systematic ship or aircraft surveys along specified tracks. These data provide information on animal population densities and distributions, activities, migratory routes and breeding locales. Cruise or survey information, start and end positions, start and end times, and platform speed, direction, and altitude are reported for each observation or series of observations. Position, date and time are reported for each sighting location, along with a code indicating presence or absence of animals and, if present, their distance to the observer, shoreline, and ice edge and heading direction. For each sighting location, animal sighting data are reported by species for all observed species. Species identification, total number of individuals, and counts by age group (adults, subadults, juveniles, unknown) may be reported in summary for all animals sighted or by subgroups distinguished by sex, behavior, markings, or other characteristics. A text record is available for comments.

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