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Pakistan Agriculture Database and other bibliographic services of PARC

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) is the apex agricultural research organization at the national level. Its main objective is to strengthen Pakistan's agricultural research system, comprising the federal and provincial components.
Among its main functions PARC has to: Generate, acquire and disseminate information relating to agriculture Establish and maintain a reference and research library The online bibliographic information services that PARC maitains are: The Pakistan Agriculture database Database containing bibliographic information of literature published in Pakistan or elsewhere in the world about Pakistan agriculture. It is facilitating the scientists to identify, locate, and use research literature. From 1997, abstracts have also been added. Total records in the database are more than 67,000. The NARC Library Catalog Computerized catalogue of NARC Library containing information of more than 25000 publications, including books, documents, theses, reports, monographs, etc. available in the Library. The database contains bibliographic information of more than 17500 records. The list of PARC publications  
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