A federated and curated metadata registry of agri-food datasets and data services

TrAgLor - Turkish Learning Objects Repository

A Learning Objects Repository (LOR)is an organized collections of learning objects, stored on servers and delivered through networks. Learning objects may be in any digital form and any complexity from a simple image file to a whole course.

For e-learning development, building LORs is considered as one of the crucial steps in on-line education because LORs serve many functions and tools in finding and using learning material for any learner in his/her learning process. Learning objects are the digital files that are combined to make up an e-learning experience. They may be text (doc, pdf, html) images (gif, jpg, png), sounds (vaw, mp3), videos (avi, mov, mp4) or java applets or even computer programs written in various programming languages. They may be reading texts, images, tests, exercises, simulations, virtual environments or collections of other objects. A repository is a place to store these kind of objects and/or information about objects so that their users can find and reuse them for their own learning experiences. In repository systems, however, the 'metadata', descriptive information about an object is only available many others serve both of them. In a repository not all objects may be free, but the key is to find out where they are. LORs also manage te rights and other restrictions for objects in it. The Turkish Agricultural Learning Objects Repository (TrAgLor) is a multilingual, discipline specific, and IEEE LOM Draft Standard compatible learning objects and learning objects metadata repository. TrAgLor primarily aims to store digital learning objects produced for agriculture, veterinary, food, environmental and forestry sciences as well as all other related basic and applied sciences such as biology, botany, zoology, genetics and bioinformatics etc. The repository also enables the stored objects and metadata are easily accessible, searchable and sharable. The TrAgLor’s content is provided and enriched by member users’ contributions, discussions and evaluations. All the objects and metadata contributions are peer reviewed by disciplines editors, and classified and refined on their general, educational and technical properties and then published in the datawarehouse of the repository. Although TrAgLor is one of the LOM-based frontier repositories for agriculture and related disciplines it will also serve as a base model to future repositories in other disciplines.

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